Chris Gerber

Brand Ambassador & Advisor Power Technology Research

Chris Gerber, is the Brand Ambassador & Advisor at Power Technology Research. He is a senior transformer industry executive director and board member. He is the former CEO of ETD Transformers in the Czech Republic and has worked for amongst others the SGB SMIT Group as well as CG Power SYSTEMS. He is currently a member of the Virtual Advisory Board group. In his career he worked for and cooperated with some of the most noticeable transformer utilities in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. His managerial experience working for both power utilities as well as transformer and switchgear manufacturers enables him to offer a unique reflection on the global transformer industry and the challenges it faces. He is a former university lecturer in business management and holds degrees from the University of Pretoria (South Africa) and the VUB in Brussels, Belgium. Mr. Gerber is also the author of several published articles on the transformer industry. He is also the founder and owner of Genesiss Consulting and Advisory services, a Belgium based consulting company offering management consultancy services to largely the transformer and switchgear manufacturing industry.

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