Webinar: Multiphysics Simulation with Altair

Multiphysics Simulation for e-Motor Design and e-Mobility

Thursday 3rd December at 4pm (CET)

In our webinar, Altair, CWIEME and GEM motors discuss the benefits of Multiphysics optimisation development strategies for e-motors. 


What will be discussed?

Today’s requirements on e-powertrains for the automotive industry enforce an update of traditional development methods to stay competitive. Two aspects are of special importance: 1) the simultaneous consideration of requirements from different physics and 2) the consideration of the interaction between different components and thus the simultaneous optimization of the complete e-powertrain system. Suboptimal solutions and numerous iterations caused by serial treatment of physics and attributes must be avoided

To manage the complexity of such development, the tools, methodologies, and processes included in the development strategy must be aligned to meet the above requirements. Key components of a feasible strategy are Multiphysics capabilities, optimization-enabled solutions, and automation of processes to facilitate democratisation of such solutions.

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Who should attend?

The webinar is designed to address the needs and challenges of e-motor designers and engineers, as well as of engineering team leaders and management concerned with development processes for e-motors and e-mobility.

Over the past years Altair has been the simulation driven design partner of CWIEME Berlin, contributing to the show’s conference programs with its expertise in electromagnetic, thermal and structural simulation, simulation-driven design, and innovative product development.

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