Interview with EMAG eldec about their work in the e-mobility industry

Hear from EMAG eldec, specialists in induction heating and hardening about how they have overcome some of the challenges faced when producing electrical drives for BEV’s

In the interview with CWIEME Global, we were joined by Stefan Tzschupke, Head of Business Development for Generators, and Dirk Schlesselmann, Head of R&D Application Engineering from EMAG eldec Induction GmbH.

EMAG eldec develops, produces and sells highly efficient induction heating technology for a wide variety of industrial applications. While induction has been a long- and well-established technology, we hear more in the interview about the challenges faced when working on electrical drives for BEV’s, due to the fast changing and developing e-mobility landscape


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For questions and more information about EMAG eldec’s product range, contact Dirk Schlesselmann or click below to explore EMAG eldec’s product range.

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Dr. Ing. Dirk Schlesselmann
Bereichsleiter F&E Anwendungstechnik / Head of R&D Application Engineering
EMAG eldec Induction GmbH
T. +49 7443 9649-6886
M. +49 1522 29680-68
F. +49 7443 9649-6931
E. [email protected]


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